HOME    |    ABOUT    |    MARKETS    |    PRODUCTS    |    SUPPORT    |    CONTACT US (C) Copyright CopecoProducts 2011 Automotive    Spot welding loads from spot-welding equipment fluctuate extremely rapidly and consume large amounts of power. This near instantaneous reactive energy consumption causes significant voltage control issues, which produce large voltage sags or drops. These disruptions reduce weld quality and decrease productivity. Additionally,these loads often create a high incidence of voltage flicker, which frequently exceeds recommended local and international regulations and standards.   Elspec’s Equalizer is the world’s fastest transient-free power factor compensation system for spot-welding equipment. Our systems compensate for reactive energy requirements within one network cycle (typically 2/3 of a cycle), reduce voltage flicker, filter harmonics , improve weld quality, increase process output, and provide voltage control for spot welding equipment.    Automotive manufacturers use both the Equalizer and Activar technologies in a variety of applications within their facilities.  From motor starting, spot welding, and general factory floor voltage support and power factor correction, most global automotive companies employ the use of Elspec Power Factor correction technology in their plants.          HOME    |    ABOUT    |    MARKETS    |    PRODUCTS    |    SUPPORT    |    CONTACT US