HOME    |    ABOUT    |    MARKETS    |    PRODUCTS    |    SUPPORT    |    CONTACT US (C) Copyright CopecoProducts 2011 Motor Startup    According to the U.S. Department of Energy, motor-driven equipment accounts for 64 percent of the electricity consumed in the U.S. industrial sector. When connected directly to the line, large squirrel-case inductive motors consume very high electrical motor startup current during the start-up period (six times higher than steady state operation). This high current consumption can lead to significant voltage drops on both the low and high voltage sides of the transformer, which interfere with other loads, reduce initial torque and increase start-up time.   The Equalizer ST provides real time dynamic reactive power compensation in 2/3 cycle typical, offering the following benefits: - Supplies reactive power - Improves electrical harmonics - Protection against voltage drop on the main service    - Capability to central-start all loads, avoiding the use of individual starters commonly used to protect against voltage drop - Direct connection of motors to main service, obtaining maximum torque during start-ups. This benefit is unique to the EQUALIZER - ST solution, as starters of all types typically reduce the current going through the motor, thereby reducing the starting torque.       HOME    |    ABOUT    |    MARKETS    |    PRODUCTS    |    SUPPORT    |    CONTACT US