HOME    |    ABOUT    |    MARKETS    |    PRODUCTS    |    SUPPORT    |    CONTACT US (C) Copyright CopecoProducts 2011 Plastics We have been providing power quality solutions and power factor correction systems to the plastics industry.  Together, the Equalizer and Activar technologies boast over a decade of excellence in providing complete reactive energy compensation, reducing voltage flicker, active harmonics filter, providing voltage control, reducing facility maintenance costs and increasing service utilization at plastics factories throughout the world.     Due to widely varying unsynchronized load conditions, plastic injection molding applications have rapid & inconsistent reactive energy requirements. Power supply failure during a production cycle can cause enormous financial and physical damage caused by plastic cooling inside the machines.   Besides reducing overall system energy losses, the Equalizer solution drastically reduces the risk for such an event by stabilizing the current and voltage levels in the facility on a cycle-by-cycle basis.   From extrusion and injection molding to warehousing and distribution, companies in the plastics industry overwhelmingly choose a solution for their power quality and power factor correction needs.      HOME    |    ABOUT    |    MARKETS    |    PRODUCTS    |    SUPPORT    |    CONTACT US