HOME    |    ABOUT    |    MARKETS    |    PRODUCTS    |    SUPPORT    |    CONTACT US (C) Copyright CopecoProducts 2011 Shipping   From warehouses and shipyards to global logistics companies and process-based manufacturing facilities, companies choose a COPECO Product solution for their power quality monitoring and power factor correction needs.    The Equalizer is the world’s fastest transient-free power factor correction  system used in shipyard cranes, motor starting and a variety of other applications that have rapidly fluctuating loads requiring complete power factor correction in less than one network cycle.     The Activar solution provides transient-free, full power factor correction in just a few seconds.  Along with extending the life of the entire compensation system, this technology also enables customers to use the device as a harmonic filter and save energy while monitoring all network power parameters through the built-in power quality analyzer.          HOME    |    ABOUT    |    MARKETS    |    PRODUCTS    |    SUPPORT    |    CONTACT US