STRøM LIGHTS AWARD WINNING DESIGN Filtronica Incorporated      *      1672 E. Main Street, Suite E, Ramona, CA 92065     *      Phone: (760) 788-4975 • Toll Free: (888) 345-8766. STRøM LIGHTS The striking beauty of the geometry and the pure genius of the Strom Light® design fascinate the eye and have proven to be contemporary in any design era. In 2005 the Strom Light Lighting System™ was awarded the Interior Innovation Award for its innovative and original design, at the IMM furniture fair in Cologne, Germany. The Strom Light® packaging, also designed by Holger Strøm, won the Danish Design Award in 2001. On the 26th of October, Holger Strøm received the award for his design of the Strom Light® packaging. The award was presented by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik. The new packaging was designed by Holger Strøm for a relaunch of the Strom Light®. The awards jury agreed that the the Strom Light® packaging was highly original and in keeping with the overall concept of the Strom Light®.